Get exclusive access to popular venues with Flexable.

Discover line skips, last minute reservations, party passes and more near you!

How it Works

Step 1:

Pick your venue

Step 2:

Purchase your Digital Access Token (DAT)-
Your newly minted DAT will appear in your account.


Step 3:

Show DAT to venue to redeem exclusive access


Step 4:

Redeem your DAT through a QR code



Who doesn't want exclusive access? Party like it's 1999 with line skips, drink specials, event tickets, and more. Click below to find participating venues in your area.


So you don't have to book 4 weeks in advance. Secure same-day reservations at the hottest restaurants. Click below to find participating venues in your area.


Avoid being taken by scalpers and (shudder) fake tickets when events are ticketed with Flexable. Our blockchain booking system makes sure that both the event holder and the attendee have more control and trust in their tickets. Rock on, friends


Flexable partners with popular venues to get you in: with line skips at your favorite bar, with same-day bookings at your favorite restaurants, and even party passes at Greek houses. Our flexible platform is designed to handle any use case it is given - its in the name.

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The Problem

Venue owners are limited to the amount of space they own and operate. Until now, revenue was limited solely to the services they provide their patrons.

The Solution

Through the sale of custom-designed NFTs, Flexable has pioneered a system for venue owners to provide customers with exclusive access to their services- capitalizing on the venue's existing popularity and increasing revenue all without changing the business model.

Are customers clamoring to get into your establishment? We can help you get them in.

“Flexable has created passive income for my venue where I didn't know it existed before” - You, the venue owner, shortly after partnering with us

“I literally only go to bars that are partnered with Flexable now. I love the utility!” - Someone who previously waited in lines

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